Cotton masks

Given the current epidemiological situation, we have decided to introduce reusable masks into Ferala's offer, handmade in a Polish atelier from OEKOTEX labeled cotton. Our masks consist of 2 layers of high-quality cotton fabric, as well as elastic bands for ears. They are available in several designs. The mask adjusts well to the face thanks to a metal wire on its upper part that clips on the nose. In addition, a filter can be added in the inside, for more protection.

Cotton/linen masks

We also offer Emanuel Lange masks, produced in France, whose performance has been measured and certified by the laboratories of the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement). These masks are of category 2 (UNS2), which means their collective aim is to protect an entire group wearing this type of mask in the context of their professional activity. The masks are produced in fabric composed of a linen / cotton blend and have elastic bands to tie behind the head.

Both models of masks, as well as the carbon filters, are available online on the

Letzshop platform and / or directly in our store.